Jiao Kou FDLJ

Location: FDLJ
Address: Sakaguchi
Consumption: 98

A few days ago, I wandered around the mouth of the mouth. I didn't find the legendary rice street. Which kind person told me where the position is?

In the end, I didn't find a SN. I had to go to the famous LJ to experience it. After entering, the minister first arranged the room in front, and then introduced 98,148,198 (the price may be biased and remembered not very clear), 198 has massage, push oil or something, anyway, said a lot, I don’t think I want to say 198 because the result is the same as the previous foot FJ. Then the minister said that he would change the room and take it to the corner. He should have a play. Ok, wait for the arrangement. . .

The first old JS, change, the second young point, and the wave has a strong B, forget it. The costume has changed. It is not as much as it used to be. I started to massage. First, press the head at the back. I will press the wave on my head, change it to the front, and adjust the flirting. I put my hand on JJ. At this time, I also It’s okay to start, feel everywhere, but just across the clothes, it’s boring, I don’t touch it. Then JS will continue to flirt with his ears, etc. After a chaotic battle, he finally reached in and grabbed BB! JS said, it would not have been touched by you. Only the plus clock, playing FJ will have it. It is said that there is no FJ in 198 now, your sister, 198 have no planes, but also add clocks, then 198, hit a FJ wants 400, SB. . . There is nothing to press in the back, just press the back and grab the BB. Originally, you can choose to push oil, scrape, cupping, and so on. Anyway, I feel that the price is not high. . .