Recently compared to the fire fd! Experience the 17-year-old

 This post was last edited by 836988790 at 2015-8-24 03:00 Date: 11:00, August 19, 2015 Recently saw the forum Luo Chongwei fd is very hot.遂 Take a friend to drive. The place is more concealed, although on the side of the road, but covered by a row of big trees, looking for a long time. (near tl) enters inside. The broken decoration, there is no order management, the towels are dirty, and the walls and roof of the room are moldy. I feel more uncomfortable in my heart. If you like the environment, don't choose this one. After the cold, a staff member arranged us to go to the clock. The friend was a young woman, and she was of good shape, but he liked the big wave and asked the minister to change one. Arranged to me is a 17-year-old little sister, bz said this, did not believe at first, the results came, really really tender, no 17 are at least 20 or less. A little fat, chest C. For such a js, I have changed this scene. Then fw begins. This field is the qt field, js just started to give me a massage, the technique is generally the same, but better than Jiahe jg. Then 舔rt, keep going down, then kj. (Without my and dl) After blowing it, JS pulled me to fight for 300 rounds.

This js is not the same as the general js. Generally, js is called very fake when it is done. This js expression is very cool and real, and it feels like it can't stand this kind of stimulation. Have a feeling with my girlfriend. After the water is discharged. After I came out, I asked my friend. He said that bz had changed a big breast of Sichuan around 24 to him. He was very cheerful and played very high. And he js has given him dl. Another disadvantage is that there are only a few stools in the rest area, and only milk tea and water are drunk. Finally, the bill was paid, 310. For such a price, it is also matched with such an environment. Finally, we came to the unanimous conclusion that we will come again next time. PS1. The forum is very popular 173js to line up, I saw it once in the corridor, it is quite high, it looks good, maybe a little fat looks great. I asked my 17-year-old js, she said that this high sister was not familiar with it soon. PS2. No need to make an appointment, go directly to arrange js. Commented on the 30th floor to announce two technician numbers. Supplementary content (2015-8-24 21:23): It is late. Now release the JS number.   17 years old is No. 19, 24 years old Sichuan Dabo is No. 15