See also the "Firefly Festival", the supervision can be so

The Shijiazhuang Firefly Theme Park in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province held the "First Firefly Festival" on the Qixi Festival, and announced that the fireflies would be released after the event. Some netizens have queried the source of fireflies, and the breeders said that fireflies are raised from the eggs brought back from Yunnan. In this regard, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Forestry Bureau said that fireflies are not protected animals, therefore, the activity does not need to be submitted for approval, and there are no regulatory issues. Shijiazhuang City Government News Office official blog also said that fireflies are synonymous with "romantic", but also a good memory of childhood.

Romantic Tanabata, "Firefly Festival", the crowds of people whistling, looking for childhood "swimming heart", feeling the romance of the stars. This sounds pretty good. If you flip through the book and move your fingers, you may be able to find a few more poems: "The moonlight sees the fishing lights, the lonely light is a little firefly" "Silver candle autumn light cold painting screen, light Luo small fan fluttering firefly"...

However, these "artificial romances" are not real, nor are they practical, but rather violent violations of ecology, the environment, and animals.

These "exhibition" fireflies are either directly from the far south or from the eggs of the south, but regardless of the source, they are hunted intentionally or unintentionally. Leaving the original place, under the influence of various pollutions such as light, water, and chemicals, fireflies are difficult to survive, and even if they are released, it is difficult to change this result. Not to mention, because of the population, migration and other reasons, fireflies can not achieve illuminating courtship mating, which is basically equal to the interruption of the ecological chain.

Why are fireflies difficult to survive in the city? Fu Xinhua, a professor at Huazhong Agricultural University, explained that fireflies live in clean, humid and cool places, and are recognized as indicators of ecological environment. Urban light pollution releases a lot of ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. "The strong light destroys their normal growth and reproduction at night, and some will be burnt to death by high temperature and glare." Fireflies are natural indicators of whether the environment is good and an important part of the natural system. The number of them can reflect the quality of the ecological environment. At present, the total number of firefly populations in China has dropped rapidly, and individual species are on the verge of extinction.

It can be seen that the romance of the "Firefly Festival" is only the one-way induction of the organizer and your poetic imagination. For the fireflies that are used to living in the dark and quietly blooming, the festivals are all about a catastrophe.

It is also interesting to note the attitude of the local government department. Whether it is the Forestry Bureau of Shijiazhuang City or the Wildlife Protection Department of Hebei Province, it is determined that fireflies are not protected animals, and correspondingly, they are not worth protecting.

This is not a big deal. The first thing to clarify is that the forestry and animal protection departments are responsible for, but not limited to, the “protection list”. The special emphasis on wildlife conservation is because the number and population of these animals are already in an endangered state and require special attention. The protection of the focus does not mean neglecting other animals, nor does it mean ignoring the deterioration of the ecological environment. After all, the environment is an interconnected organic system, and the regulatory authorities have a responsibility to maintain the ecological balance of nature. Based on this consideration, it is reasonable to intervene in the "Firefly Festival."

In addition, from the practice in other parts of the country, the regulatory authorities should also be more effective. According to reports, in May last year, a hotel in Haikou City, Hainan Province planned to hold the "First Firefly Culture Festival", claiming that it would gather "tens of thousands of fireflies to light up Haikou", triggering resistance from local environmental organizations. Subsequently, the Haikou Forestry Bureau stopped the activity.

In recent years, many news about the "Firefly Festival" has been exposed. According to media reports, the sale of live fireflies and tissue release activities has long formed a secret and complete industrial chain. Fireflies can be easily purchased on some online shopping platforms such as Taobao. . This phenomenon should be brought to the attention of the regulatory authorities.

Ecological civilization not only points to a few species, but also several regions, but should include the entire ecosystem. Protecting the ecological environment and building an ecological civilization have never been an empty talk, but should be more sensitive and less numb; more due diligence, less laissez-faire; more actions, less slack.